My Story : I’m Raped

Phuket, Thailand. October 2012. I am not ashame of sharing this. A lesson to learn for every other female travelers out there.
I dont know if the word “rape” is the right word because part of tragedy happened because of my mistake, I believe so.
He is an Australian guy. I met this guy at the bar. He is very good looking, boyish, young, tall, lean guy… just like what I like. He claimed his name as “Chris”. Oh no, his friend said his name is “Chris”. So yeah, his name is Chris. Whatever.
Me, my girl friend Cori, Chris and his friend, Danny got along really well. We socialized, drink till drunk. But not really wasted or hammered or fucked up. When the club about to close, me, Cori and Danny went off to 7-Eleven and then Burger King to get some heavy, very late supper. Then we had our supper at Patong Beach. Just 3 of us. Chris wasn’t there.
Then 3 of us went back to Danny’s room. Couldn’t remember the hotel name. It is something like Baan Suay at Patong Beach area. Just next to Burger King. Well, obviously not a regular cheapskate backpackers they were. Flashpackers. Heh! Well, its 3.30am… I dont feel like riding a bike 8km back to my hostel at Karon Beach area so… why not?!
So, cut story short, Cori and Danny had some sexy time. So I tried to have my own sweet time sleeping. The room was super cold! And the bed was really nice. I just wanna sleep! I was really fuckin’ tired and sleepy and drunk. And the suddenly, Chris got back into the room. Drunk.
At first, it was all good. We had small crazy talk until he invited me to have ‘it’ in the shower. That was when all went wrong. 😦
He wanna have anal and I refused, not because I never had it before but it was just not my thing, and I dont want do it. Then, he became aggressive. He bang my head to the wall in the shower, to the washing basin, turned me around, chocked me until I almost suffocated, and shoved his thing into my backside. Tried to fight him back, I just cant. He was pretty strong plus my position limit my movement. He even forced me to perform deep-throating until I puked, twice.
I did shouted for help from Cori and Danny but they were too busy having their own time and probably couldn’t really hear me or differentiate between pleasure scream or in-pain scream. But I never blame them. Not at all. Never their fault.
After he ‘done’, I wait no more, I was too ‘scared’. So I just dressed up, wet and got myself and Cori off from his place. I told Danny briefly on what happened. I even punched Christ before I left and Danny slapped him but Danny ‘loosen’ his grip after drunk Chris threaten to hurt me even worst. Danny knew Chris the best and what he capable of, I guess? So, I left.
So yeah. I’m raped. If I can use that word, correctly. UNFORGIVEN!
Chris: White guy, from Melbourne Australia, young, around 22-24 years old, with dragon and tiger tattoos each on his knees, with crying Statue of Liberty tattoo on his right shoulder. Do you know him? Shove his ass with anything, please!
Note: I am of many cases that the “victim” (if I could call myself that) didn’t make any police report because I was still shaken. He already flew out from Phuket to Melbourne the very same day (as told by Danny when we met earlier at the bar). And it was too late when I made a report in Malaysia because it was outside case area and nothing the Australian Embassy could do except advice me to contact AFP. My fault.