Travelers… what are you doing?!

I might sound like a judgmental asshole and I am not sorry about it…

Looking at travelers (backpackers) just make me a bit “sad”. It seems like many of them traveling half way across the globe just to get drunk and shag? Wasted half of next day being tired, feeling sleepy (and sleeping), hangover, headache? A bit of sight seeing? A bit of shopping? Seriously…really?!!! You can do those shit back at home!!! I mean, yeah you did contribute to the economy of the country and the locals by spending money but what’s the contribution to yourselves? Is there anything you learn? Any valuable, priceless life-lesson experience? Any spiritual growth? I wonder…


A drunk backpacker @ Perhentian Island, MY

Hats off to few of travelers that I met and befriended with that volunteer(ed) as a teacher (English & Mathematics), as an animal keeper (orangutan, elephant, ostrich, etc), as NGO staff (for saving kids from child prostitution, human trafficking, orphanages, etc). You guys rocks! Not only you guys helping those unfortunate but also I believe it open your eyes to be more a grateful and kind human being. Let’s do this again!!!


Unfortunate kids working hard for the better tomorrow in Battambang, Cambodia

I am not any better but in years of traveling I don’t think I ever getting fucking drunk every single fucking night? I love sex, yes I do but I did not have sex every single fucking night. Hell yeah I love drugs too but I did not go around high and dry. LOL! And I am proud to tell (a story about me) that I saved a girl from a pedophile (in Siem Reap), helped enroll a prostitute back to school (in Chiang Mai), taught kids to grow sustainable plants and cook (in Battambang), educate young women on safe sex education in order to prevent STIs/AIDS (in Sihanoukville), and many more…

Stop being a drunkards kids! Help yourself by helping others. WHILE YOU CAN.


Krabi, Thailand : Vegetarian Festival

I dare not to ask the locals “why the people that involve in Vegetarian Festival look like being possess and cut themselves? What does blood, weapon and all these weird stuffs got to do with vegetarian?” because I didn’t want to offend anyone especially the Buddhist who believes in super-natural power.
The festival was really colorful, dramatic and pretty scary and creepy tho. Lots of bloods everywhere on the street and the sound of firecrackers was really too loud and kindda disturbing.
It remind me of Thaipusam, a Hindu festival that I witnessed when I was in Malaysia. They, the Hindus, celebrated Thaipusam, some sort of Hindu pilgrimage at a very popular tourists spot called Batu Caves, if they come to Kuala Lumpur. i’ll write about Thaipusam in another post. I promise.
But yeah, nonetheless, at least I experienced, witnessed what the local call as “Vegetarian Festival”.