Krabi, Thailand : Vegetarian Festival

I dare not to ask the locals “why the people that involve in Vegetarian Festival look like being possess and cut themselves? What does blood, weapon and all these weird stuffs got to do with vegetarian?” because I didn’t want to offend anyone especially the Buddhist who believes in super-natural power.
The festival was really colorful, dramatic and pretty scary and creepy tho. Lots of bloods everywhere on the street and the sound of firecrackers was really too loud and kindda disturbing.
It remind me of Thaipusam, a Hindu festival that I witnessed when I was in Malaysia. They, the Hindus, celebrated Thaipusam, some sort of Hindu pilgrimage at a very popular tourists spot called Batu Caves, if they come to Kuala Lumpur. i’ll write about Thaipusam in another post. I promise.
But yeah, nonetheless, at least I experienced, witnessed what the local call as “Vegetarian Festival”.