My Story : Street Brawl With A Pedo In Siem Reap

It was back in August 2012 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Almost 3am and people slowly dispersed from the famous backpackers’ heaven – Pub Street. I am one of them, alone and drunk. So I walked out from Angkor What?! bar and down the street, like 10 meters away from the bar, I saw an old man (not so old but old enough) hugging a little girl that selling roses along the Pub Street, forcefully. The girl was like trying to get away from his grip. I came nearby them and told that man “dude, she is just a little girl, let her go.” And he told me to fuck off so I just fucked off. After walked about 20-30 meters away, I overheard the girl screaming on top of her lung, I turned around and I saw the man’s hand already under her knee-length skirt. Surprisingly no one cares about that. No one stop the man. No one come to help the girl. Not a single traveler that roamed that street, not even a local. That pissed me off. I walked back, walked really fast and landed my fist on that man nose.
And everything began from there. Really ugly. His nose was bleeding really bad, broken. He punched me hard on my face, straight to my mouth and crooked my front tooth. My mouth bleeding really bad as well. I totally have no idea where else I hit him but one thing for sure, I broke his nose and his dislocated his jaw. Oh well… And the street brawling kept on going and no one care but it didn’t took that long before two police men came and grabbed me and him and threw us in a separate police mini-truck and straight to the cell. Shit.
In the police station, we were placed in different lock-up next to each other. Not sharing with any other inmates tho. And we still kept on screaming to each other until the police officer on duty told us to shut up and told us that we have to wait until the representative from respective embassy come and “rescue” us. 5:30am and I was pretty weak, sleepy and in pain.
6:20am and the police officer on duty came near to my cell and released me. I was like “why?!” and outside of the police station, I saw that girl and one old man (her uncle) talk to another police officer. The girl saw me, smiled and the first word that came out from her mouth was “thank you miss for saving me”.
I asked the police officer on how about that paedophile? He said, it not gonna be easy for him. “You might easily bribes the police in Cambodia for drugs, traffic or small offences but when comes to sex offence especially related to kids, no, he’ll be there a little bit longer”.
The rest of it … history…
Note: Sadly in Cambodia, child prostitution happens because it is one of the poorest country in the world. It is much disturbing when you realize the pimp of those unfortunate child prostitute are their ownn flesh and blood (father or mother or even both). I used to work with an NGO that dealing with (saving) children that involve in child prostitution so I begging you… any of you (especially male, of course) that going to Cambodia, please have mercy to these kids. They are just tiny little girls that know nothing, they don’t even know their body yet. If you feel “sorry” for them, just buy whatever they offers you (roses, bracelets, chewing gums, etc) but if they ask you a creepy questions like “do you wanna sleep with me?”, look around carefully, they might under their pimp surveillance. Alert authority if must.
Thank you.

Sihnoukville, Cambodia : Party Mode ON

Yeap. Sihanoukville once again. I love this beach town of Cambodia due to its positive vibe for partying.
Stay at backpackers’ shit hole called Utopia for USD1 per night, what to expect? Yeah, shit hole. LOL! But what to complaint when you pay that little? Just, I was sexually harassed by one of the resident staffs and when I complaint to the all-the-time-stoned owner, all he said is “Oh! I thought single lady backpackers who stay in a dorm like that?” HUH! I gave them a bad review in tripadvisor, and he replied that I was bitter because he didn’t give me a job. WTF?
Other than that, I had so much fun in Sihanoukville. Meet lots of new people. The English season still “in” during that time so yeah, of course loads of Eglish people. And one of them looks a lil bit like Tom Cruise when he was young. Awww!
I also celebrate my birthday’s eve partying with bunch of people from my dorm @ Serendipity Beach. As usual, got cheap drunk in Utopia before jumped from one bar to another with free drinks (bucket, booze, shooter). LOL!
I definitely coming back again Sihanoukville!!! (Oh my, what have I become?)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia : S21 & The Killing Field

When I was kid, I always heard about Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot from a conversation between adults around me. And when I was teenager, I was like “why?!” when they discovered the massive grave a.k.a Killing Field (it was on news, all over the places!).
So having a chance to visit the creepy S21 Prison and also The Killing Field, I not gonna miss it. I went there and I immediately had these mix feelings. Sad, angry, mad, curious, confuse… all of them. The more I look around and study those pictures and places and listening to the audio tour, the more I felt “urghhh!!!”. I am not kindda person that cry easily but not that time around. I cried and I don’t care.
After S21 Prison and The Killing Field, the tuktuk driver wanna bring me to the firing range and I was like “are you nuts?”. Hah!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia : The Capital

To be honest, yes, Phnom Penh is (my) the least favorite Cambodia city for myself. It is much more expensive compare to Siem Reap, Battambang, Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep. I am talking about accommodation, food and beverages and also entertainment and transportation.
I stayed at Velkommen Backpackers for USD5 per night in a massive 18-beds dormitory. On the top floor (4th floor), only fan and 2 bathroom/toilet. There are plenty of other backpackers’ hostels or guesthouses but apparently, Velkommen was the cheapest one. It located not too far from the riverside and within walking distance to other tourists attractions like the palace, market (not Russian market), bus hub, restaurants, bars and many other.
Hangout with bunch of backpackers from the hostel and visited the nightlife which in my opinion, pretty sketchy, dirty and sleazy. Not any better than Sihanoukville.
If you want to visit other attractions like The Killing Field, S21, Russian Market, etc. you need to hire a mopet or take a tuktuk. Riding a mopet or bicycle in Phnom Penh was pretty alright. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest. If you scare of crazy traffic, just go during non-peak hour. You’ll be safe.
After 5 nights, I managed to couchsurfed at Niall’s place – Flick2 – the mini cinema cum restaurant/cafe and bar. A business owned by Niall, an English guy with his partner, a Cambodian. I stayed there for 3 nights before heading out to Sihanoukville once again.

Battambang, Cambodia : Museum

I am not a fan of museum to be honest. But since Battambang got nothing much to offer in term of touristy activities i.e entertainment; I decided to cycle through out the town and pay a visit to the museum.
Entrance fee USD1 only. No biggie. It is pretty small museum but well taken care of. Nothing much inside except stuffs from the Angkor Wat or ancient era. Good things was, not everything inside a glass cabinet; so basically I’d touch them.

Battambang, Cambodia : Phnom Sampeau

Together with Marc and Pablo (he is the guy that got kicked out from Chiang Mai’s A Little Bird Hostel with me. LOL!) we went to Phnom Sampeau to witness the Killing Cave from the Khmer Rouge era. It wasn’t an easy task for me as we have to walked up the steep hill about 1.5km.
First we came to the temple which Pol Pot used to use it as prison before brought up those unfortunate “prisoners” to the Killing Cave and pushed them to death. Then we off to the Killing Cave itself. There are 2 caves. 1 for babies/kids and 1 for the adults. The one for the babies/kids is about 20m deep. The Khmer Rouge army will threw those poor babies/kids from the mouth of the cave without mercy just like that. And the one for the adults is about 20-50m deep with sharp rock in the bottom. The cold-hearted army will threw the prisoners down there, hit the hard sharp rock and leave them to die 😦
When we were there, we also witness skulls and bones in a glass cabinet. Some of them still attached clothes and bit of dry flesh. Our tour guide told us during rainy day, the area where the body of the prisoner thrown can get pretty smelly and creepy. Lucky we were there when it was hot and sunny day.
After that, we walk up again to witness a very beautiful scenery of paddy fields from the top and visit a temple. Marc and Pablo had a good time talked to the monk.