Travelers… what are you doing?!

I might sound like a judgmental asshole and I am not sorry about it…

Looking at travelers (backpackers) just make me a bit “sad”. It seems like many of them traveling half way across the globe just to get drunk and shag? Wasted half of next day being tired, feeling sleepy (and sleeping), hangover, headache? A bit of sight seeing? A bit of shopping? Seriously…really?!!! You can do those shit back at home!!! I mean, yeah you did contribute to the economy of the country and the locals by spending money but what’s the contribution to yourselves? Is there anything you learn? Any valuable, priceless life-lesson experience? Any spiritual growth? I wonder…


A drunk backpacker @ Perhentian Island, MY

Hats off to few of travelers that I met and befriended with that volunteer(ed) as a teacher (English & Mathematics), as an animal keeper (orangutan, elephant, ostrich, etc), as NGO staff (for saving kids from child prostitution, human trafficking, orphanages, etc). You guys rocks! Not only you guys helping those unfortunate but also I believe it open your eyes to be more a grateful and kind human being. Let’s do this again!!!


Unfortunate kids working hard for the better tomorrow in Battambang, Cambodia

I am not any better but in years of traveling I don’t think I ever getting fucking drunk every single fucking night? I love sex, yes I do but I did not have sex every single fucking night. Hell yeah I love drugs too but I did not go around high and dry. LOL! And I am proud to tell (a story about me) that I saved a girl from a pedophile (in Siem Reap), helped enroll a prostitute back to school (in Chiang Mai), taught kids to grow sustainable plants and cook (in Battambang), educate young women on safe sex education in order to prevent STIs/AIDS (in Sihanoukville), and many more…

Stop being a drunkards kids! Help yourself by helping others. WHILE YOU CAN.


Backpackers Tips : Price Comparison in Southeast Asia

On my previous post, I was so pissed about people who dislike Malaysia just because they’ve been to Kuala Lumpur only for 2 days. LOL! Well, I couldn’t help it but justify stuffs.
Now I want to continue feeling pissed off when people said Malaysia is fucking expensive compare to some Indo-China countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) or Indonesia/Philippine. Let me make just a simple comparison. And forget about Singapore and Bali, Indonesia or Boraccay in The Philippine. That place is just too expensive in SEAsia.
OK, yes, I love Malaysia. My fav country in Southeast Asia.


Avgerage price for accommodation (hostel, dormitory (a comfy one, not shit hole)):-
Malaysia = RM22.00 (USD7.00)
Thailand = 300.00THB (USD9.00)
Vietnam = 147,000VND (USD7.00)
Average price for breakfast (in a simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM3.00 (USD0.80) for Teh Tarik + Nasi Lemak + 1 Kuih
Vietnam = 35,000VND (USD1.70) for Pho + Hot Tra
Cambodia = 6,000KHR (USD1.50) for Sandwich + Iced Coffee
Average price for lunch (street food or simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM6.00 (USD1.50) Chicken Rice with Vege and Soup + Iced Lemon Tea
Vietnam = 50,000VND (USD2.40) Bun Cha + Iced Coffee
Laos = 16,000KIP (USD2.00) Chicken Noodles Soup + Iced Tea
Average price for dinner (street food or simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM6.00 (USD1.80) Fried Rice with meat & egg + Iced Milo
Indonesia = 20,000IDR (USD1.70) Rice + Vege + Meat + Iced Tea
Philippine = 80Peso (USD1.80) Turo-turo
Average price for beer (in a shop, not bars/discos):
Malaysia (excluding duty free islands) = RM4.50 (USD1.40)
Vietnam (on bia hoi streets) =5,000VND (USD0.25)
Cambodia (on cafe) =2,000KHR (USD0.50)
Average price for cigarette (per pack of 20s):
Malaysia (excluding duty free islands) = RM17.00 (USD5.20)
Thailand =67.00THB (USD2.00)
Vietnam =20,000VND (USD1.00) <– and probably fake ciggarette.
Well, that’s all for now. More information, please contact the local tourism office. Thank you. Hahahahaha!!!

Backpackers & Dorm Sex

Based on personal view, not judging anyone here 😀
Well, I am a backpacker, just like any other backpackers, sometimes I need to get lucky, you too need to get lucky but sex is not my main objective when I’m traveling but I met few people who put up sex as the priority in their traveling mission like getting the local “driving license” which mean if they managed to have sex with a Cambodian girl, that’s mean the got the Cambodian driving license and so on. Some just tick the atlas, if you know what I mean. Mapping, we call it. Well, I probably fall into the later category. Oh, some just try to accumulates numbers in their little black book. Damn it. LOL!
Dorm sex is either YES or NO. Well, I’d understand when people have sex in a dorm. I did as well. But you have to take a lot of things under considerations before you decided to have sex in a dorm, unless you are drunk and you couldn’t think straight, that’s different story. LOL!
Look around. Who is your dorm mates? Are they nutcase people like you? Are they open-minded enough to handle all the steamy sounds although you and your one night stand partner under the duvet? How to know such? Well, maybe you can have a casual chat and bring up sex-in-a-dorm topic and see how is the reaction. Easy, right?
So, all of them are OK with it but still, no one wanna see your naked butt and legs wrap around the body. Make sure the light is off or dim and do it under the blanket/duvet. If possible, do it when your dorm mates are sleeping which is much better so you don’t have to limit your “movement”. But well, you still need to control your movement as mainly dormitory use a bunk beds. You don’t wanna cause an earth quake that gonna wake your bunkmate up, ya?
So, everyone sleeping and you think its all gonna be alright? No. OK unless you keep it low or totally mute. Please… It is good enough they are not complaining about you having sex in a dorm but please have a respect by not making all the “uh-ah-uh-ah, oh my god, oh baby baby, f**k me harder, oh yeahhhh” sounds. No one wanna hear that! You are torturing them or really make them feel uncomfortable awkward. Sometimes, even steamy wet kissing sounds also kind of disturbing.
So, everything goes well eh? Well, not quite if you don’t know how to keep things altogether for yourself. I mean, you are having sex with random backpacker you met at the bar… obviously you have no idea on her/his health, sexual condition, right? So you need to use a condom. Please throw the condom wrapper and used condom into a bin, not on the floor next or under your bed. I’ve stepped on used condom twice in a dormitory and it was ewww!!! I also seen the hostel worker/cleaner gave a disgusted look on their face when they swept a used condom or even just the wrapper under the bed. No one really wanna to applause you when they know you got lucky last night. No one.
If you choose to have sex in a shower, well, that is much better but still…. keep it low and clean. And if possible, make it as quick as possible. Yeap, a quickie. Unless the hostel have few other shower/toilet cubicles and people don’t have to queuing up to take a shower or do their “business”, then go on, hog the cubicles like you have no bed.

Sihnoukville, Cambodia : Party Mode ON

Yeap. Sihanoukville once again. I love this beach town of Cambodia due to its positive vibe for partying.
Stay at backpackers’ shit hole called Utopia for USD1 per night, what to expect? Yeah, shit hole. LOL! But what to complaint when you pay that little? Just, I was sexually harassed by one of the resident staffs and when I complaint to the all-the-time-stoned owner, all he said is “Oh! I thought single lady backpackers who stay in a dorm like that?” HUH! I gave them a bad review in tripadvisor, and he replied that I was bitter because he didn’t give me a job. WTF?
Other than that, I had so much fun in Sihanoukville. Meet lots of new people. The English season still “in” during that time so yeah, of course loads of Eglish people. And one of them looks a lil bit like Tom Cruise when he was young. Awww!
I also celebrate my birthday’s eve partying with bunch of people from my dorm @ Serendipity Beach. As usual, got cheap drunk in Utopia before jumped from one bar to another with free drinks (bucket, booze, shooter). LOL!
I definitely coming back again Sihanoukville!!! (Oh my, what have I become?)

Photo Recieved : From UK Back To Vang Vieng, Laos

After months, Sash from UK sent me a picture of me with others (dorm mates from Easy Go  Backpackers Hostel) in Vang Vieng having dinner together. Miss the moment!
Actually it reminds me how relax is the whole situation, environment in Laos. No rushing. Everything was really slow and laid back. Even at the restaurant, the set-up really encourage you to be even lazier than ever. LOL!
Oh, not sure about now but in Vang Vieng, everywhere you go, almost every restaurant will put on either Friends or Family Guy on the TV. Kindda annoying after days there. Haha!

Friendship Locked!

I met Mark, the young English boy, again almost a month after Vang Vieng, Laos. When I was in Vang Vieng, we never really talked much as he was so busy working as a bar-whore! LOL! He lost his passport few days before he have to fly back to England. Pity. But sorted out.
sum-srp5 (1)
Also met John (UK) and Marc (Germany) during my stay at Garden Village Guesthouse. They were super fun to hang out with! Like really super fun, super crazy! We had loads of laughter teasing prostitutes and ladyboys also so-called drugs dealers who trying too hard to convince us that they having the best quality of weed, mdma, lsd, mushroom even cocaine. LOL!
You can’t really fool crazy nutcase like us eh!!!

Train Ride : Vang Vieng to Bangkok, again…

Going back to Bangkok after spent time in Laos with disable person (he injured himself, dislocated his knee in Vang Vieng) – Jimmy. Lucky the journey back by train from Vientiane to Bangkok didn’t took so long like previous journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. All good. Was good.
We went back together with 5 other English boys but they took a bus not a train with me and Jimmy. We were staying at the same place (hostel) in Vang Vieng, Easy Go Backpackers Hostel, and became friends in instant. And we stayed in a same guesthouse – Rainbow Guesthouse – around Khao San Road area. Took 4 room for 7 of us; I shared a room with Phillips. I was hoping it gonna be with Alexander! Hahaha!
Had fun with them in Bangkok. Went to The Club Khao San, boozed, ate, slept, wandered around together was so much fun with bunch of hot boys. Everyone was looking at me like I am their mama-san. LOL!