About Me

10430479_10153127072983055_504651352558862966_nAn old backpacker but pretty much young at heart and looks, too! Trust me, no one believe me when I told them my age. Well, I guess this is the best part of being an Asian! Haha!

My name is Anita and I am from Malaysia. Used to lived in Stockholm, Sweden but now I am calling Preston, UK home.

I used to work as a dishwasher/cleaner, a public relations executive, an event organizer, a customer service executive, a barista for Starbucks, a retailer, a receptionist, an administrative executive and all sort of jobs until I got myself involved in a cooking show that changed my life – which made me realize that I really wanna be a chef as I love to cook and love to see others enjoying my food.

My dad was a commando from Malaysian Royal Navy squad before he retired (early retirement) and became a captain and also naval architect for the largest shipping company in Malaysia. My mom was a prison warden, a teacher and also a business woman, running her restaurant from 1987 – 1997.

IMG_20160410_105457.jpgI was not really into traveling until one day I was like “fuck it! I need to see the world” because I always met a lot of travelers/tourists due to my job nature as a chef and it’s (was) time for people from other places to meet me. And since then, I am just never really stops for a long period before I move again.

I would like to say, or to think that I am just a natural born traveler. I learn by what I heard, what I saw. I never really depending on Lonely Planet or Mr. Google for information. I did quite alright along my journey. Yes, there are bit of not really sweet or good experience but I guess it is just part of life.

“Life is to experienced, not to be taught”




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