Hanoi, Vietnam : Food Hunting Part 2

Walked around with my roomies Philip from California, USA and Inge from The Netherlands without any intention, we passed by a street food stalls at No. 57 Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (Old Quarters area) full of customers and we made a decision to give it a try although we had to wait for more than 10 minutes for a sit. A really super-low sit on super-small chair.
They served this deep-fried cake with prawn (in Malaysia they call such thing as “cucur udang”) and fried wanton dumplings with meat. Those two items were served together with the typical shrimp-broth and fish-sauce sauce and fresh herbs. The snacks are called“Cat Toc Trong Ngo” and I have no idea what does it mean in Vietnamese.
(image from soshiok.com)
For 3 of us, we paid 60,000VND which is pretty cheap.NEXT!
As me and Philip and Inge kept on walking on the same day, we reach the end of west-side of Old Quarters. Turn to the left, as we kept on walking, we passed a single food stall selling a local dessert and since Philip talked about a jelly & coconut milk (I am not sure what does it called in Vietnamese), we decided to make a stop and try it out.  Oh! In Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia, they called it “ais kacang” or “air batu campur”.
The desserts was a rich mix of variety type of jellys and some other stuffs including red beans, corn kernels and mung beans paste and coconut milk. It was good and not the same like the one that me and Michael had few days before in Quan An Ngon.
(image by sweetsbychan.com)
Situated right in front of the gate at No. 79-81 Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi(Old Quarters area), it definitely worth a stop and 20,000VND each of the yummy local dessert.
Note: Again, I apologize for using images that I took from google image. I lost all my food pictures 😦

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