Hanoi, Vietnam : City With Character

What I can say about this capital city of Vietnam? It’s busy, dusty, hectic, chaotic… it’s mental. Well, the traffic is a little bit less scary and crazy than Ho Chi Minh City but nevertheless, still dangerous.
The locals wakes up as early as 5am and start their daily routines or activities as soon after that. You can see people jogging, walking, around Hoan Kiem Lake even before sun rise. Street paddlers selling stuffs on the street. Small traders get ready to open their shops.
At night, backpackers, flashpackers, tourists, locals will crash bia hoi area @ Ta Hien St. They will sit arms-to-arms, butts-to-butts next to each other on kiddie chairs drinking cheap beers, enjoy snacks like deep-fried cheese sticks, sausages, fries, etc. and talking to each other. This is also the time where traders become pretty aggressive and some overly friendly just to get you to sit down and drink at their place. Remember, you are walking ATM machine for them!
Everything, every business in Hanoi will, well… compulsory to shut down at midnight. The police will come to every single business premises (restaurants, bars, clubs, etc) and order all the patrons to go home and close. Anyway… for vampires, batman, draculas, owls, insomniacs or party people… worried not! There are few illegal, underground place that still open after midnight. I am not gonna tell you where and what is the place ( I am sure the business owners appreciates my move here) that still operating after the legal hours. Go and find ‘em yourselves 🙂 Sure you can!

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