Backpackers Tips : Price Comparison in Southeast Asia

On my previous post, I was so pissed about people who dislike Malaysia just because they’ve been to Kuala Lumpur only for 2 days. LOL! Well, I couldn’t help it but justify stuffs.
Now I want to continue feeling pissed off when people said Malaysia is fucking expensive compare to some Indo-China countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) or Indonesia/Philippine. Let me make just a simple comparison. And forget about Singapore and Bali, Indonesia or Boraccay in The Philippine. That place is just too expensive in SEAsia.
OK, yes, I love Malaysia. My fav country in Southeast Asia.


Avgerage price for accommodation (hostel, dormitory (a comfy one, not shit hole)):-
Malaysia = RM22.00 (USD7.00)
Thailand = 300.00THB (USD9.00)
Vietnam = 147,000VND (USD7.00)
Average price for breakfast (in a simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM3.00 (USD0.80) for Teh Tarik + Nasi Lemak + 1 Kuih
Vietnam = 35,000VND (USD1.70) for Pho + Hot Tra
Cambodia = 6,000KHR (USD1.50) for Sandwich + Iced Coffee
Average price for lunch (street food or simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM6.00 (USD1.50) Chicken Rice with Vege and Soup + Iced Lemon Tea
Vietnam = 50,000VND (USD2.40) Bun Cha + Iced Coffee
Laos = 16,000KIP (USD2.00) Chicken Noodles Soup + Iced Tea
Average price for dinner (street food or simple cafe/restaurant):
Malaysia = RM6.00 (USD1.80) Fried Rice with meat & egg + Iced Milo
Indonesia = 20,000IDR (USD1.70) Rice + Vege + Meat + Iced Tea
Philippine = 80Peso (USD1.80) Turo-turo
Average price for beer (in a shop, not bars/discos):
Malaysia (excluding duty free islands) = RM4.50 (USD1.40)
Vietnam (on bia hoi streets) =5,000VND (USD0.25)
Cambodia (on cafe) =2,000KHR (USD0.50)
Average price for cigarette (per pack of 20s):
Malaysia (excluding duty free islands) = RM17.00 (USD5.20)
Thailand =67.00THB (USD2.00)
Vietnam =20,000VND (USD1.00) <– and probably fake ciggarette.
Well, that’s all for now. More information, please contact the local tourism office. Thank you. Hahahahaha!!!

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