Backpackers & Dorm Sex

Based on personal view, not judging anyone here 😀
Well, I am a backpacker, just like any other backpackers, sometimes I need to get lucky, you too need to get lucky but sex is not my main objective when I’m traveling but I met few people who put up sex as the priority in their traveling mission like getting the local “driving license” which mean if they managed to have sex with a Cambodian girl, that’s mean the got the Cambodian driving license and so on. Some just tick the atlas, if you know what I mean. Mapping, we call it. Well, I probably fall into the later category. Oh, some just try to accumulates numbers in their little black book. Damn it. LOL!
Dorm sex is either YES or NO. Well, I’d understand when people have sex in a dorm. I did as well. But you have to take a lot of things under considerations before you decided to have sex in a dorm, unless you are drunk and you couldn’t think straight, that’s different story. LOL!
Look around. Who is your dorm mates? Are they nutcase people like you? Are they open-minded enough to handle all the steamy sounds although you and your one night stand partner under the duvet? How to know such? Well, maybe you can have a casual chat and bring up sex-in-a-dorm topic and see how is the reaction. Easy, right?
So, all of them are OK with it but still, no one wanna see your naked butt and legs wrap around the body. Make sure the light is off or dim and do it under the blanket/duvet. If possible, do it when your dorm mates are sleeping which is much better so you don’t have to limit your “movement”. But well, you still need to control your movement as mainly dormitory use a bunk beds. You don’t wanna cause an earth quake that gonna wake your bunkmate up, ya?
So, everyone sleeping and you think its all gonna be alright? No. OK unless you keep it low or totally mute. Please… It is good enough they are not complaining about you having sex in a dorm but please have a respect by not making all the “uh-ah-uh-ah, oh my god, oh baby baby, f**k me harder, oh yeahhhh” sounds. No one wanna hear that! You are torturing them or really make them feel uncomfortable awkward. Sometimes, even steamy wet kissing sounds also kind of disturbing.
So, everything goes well eh? Well, not quite if you don’t know how to keep things altogether for yourself. I mean, you are having sex with random backpacker you met at the bar… obviously you have no idea on her/his health, sexual condition, right? So you need to use a condom. Please throw the condom wrapper and used condom into a bin, not on the floor next or under your bed. I’ve stepped on used condom twice in a dormitory and it was ewww!!! I also seen the hostel worker/cleaner gave a disgusted look on their face when they swept a used condom or even just the wrapper under the bed. No one really wanna to applause you when they know you got lucky last night. No one.
If you choose to have sex in a shower, well, that is much better but still…. keep it low and clean. And if possible, make it as quick as possible. Yeap, a quickie. Unless the hostel have few other shower/toilet cubicles and people don’t have to queuing up to take a shower or do their “business”, then go on, hog the cubicles like you have no bed.

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