Singapore : Small, Beautiful, Expensive & No Soul

Singapore is my least favorite country/republic in South East Asia. That’s why I didn’t make any big effort to take a picture of Singapore.
The people look stress, rushing all the time. The city look too hectic and no soul. Its all about business, shopping malls and work. People ain’t that friendly unless you are white. Sorry but nah… I am not sorry. That’s the ugly fact.
Everything so expensive in Singapore especially when we talk about FUN i.e. going to clubbing, watching movie at cinema, having beer at a bar/pub. A glass of beer cost at SGD25? Phewww! *cold sweat*
And cheapest hostel was SGD18 for just OK 20 beds dormitory? Next, ended up staying at SGD26 10 beds dormitory somewhere at Dunlop Street near Little India.
And too many rules that comes with hefty fines. I can never stop complaining and talking bad about Singapore I guess?! LOL!
Also, the people do speak English but rather called Singlish (Singapore English) – a mix of broken English, Chinese and sometimes Malay language. Such a headache to understand them, sometimes.
Lucky they reserved this one place called Pulau Ubin or also known as Old Singapore, 10mins boat ride from Changi Village. Its totally different that the modern Singapore which I liked better. Very calm and fun to cycle around. I hope they not gonna develop this part of Singapore. Keep it that way for next generations.

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