Hoi An, Vietnam : A Quick One Night

Arrived in the morning from the most uncomfortable ride in a sleeper bus from Nha Trang to Hoi An. It was hell-ish 11 hours ride. Even valium not able to make me sleep! Arghhh!!!
Alert! Alert! Do NOT take your bus trip from this travel company – ASIA SMILE TOURS – their bus is SHIT! Not only it was really bad, they also took passengers from the street side and “forced” them to sleep on the floor. Oh my…
So yeah, arrive in the morning in Hoi An. Checked-in into the famous Sun Flower Hotel. I was kindda confused when I arrive at this hotel because the “scenery” look like a hospital. Too many injured youngsters in the lobby. Either waiting to check in or waiting for a bus to next destination. Some look really in pain, some look painfully drunk. *facepalm* The lobby was really super busy. Backpacks everywhere! Messy I must say. And the staffs, dang, they are fierce!
Anyway, this is the only hotel that provide dormitories. And the only hostel that I ever been that served buffet breakfast. I mean a proper buffet breakfast!!! Hell yeah!
Yeah, it was a quick visit to this town. I didn’t even make my way to it’s famous Old Town area. But at least I went to the beach. It was a good, nice beach but I made a mistake to come to the beach for sunset because that was the time when all the Asian people that afraid of getting dark came out and play. LOL!
At night, I wet to Sun Shine Cafe as suggested by Jack & Tom that I shared room with when I was in Nha Trang. They served good food and 3,000VND bia hoi – buy 2 free 1. Hahaha! Awesome. I also would like to suggest this cafe to whoever that going to Hoi An. The cafe located at 46 Tran Cao Van Street. Please say HI to the server girl (owner’s daughter) and their lovely dog – Mickey.

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