Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : Heart Attack!!!

Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC or previously known as Saigon is a Communist country that housed almost 10 millions people.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t spent much time in Saigon doing typical touristy stuffs. I only went to visit few places on my very last day there before jump on the 8pm bus to Nha Trang – thank you to my dorm mate, Svante from Sweden (yeay!) that forced me to go out and not to be lazy.


So yeah, we went to this popular Reunification Palace which for me look like an exhibition or expo of tables and chairs and chandeliers and curtains and table wears and give me back my 30,00VND!!! LOL!
Then we walk through couple of parks that full with local Vietnamese people hang around under the shade of trees (yes, they are afraid of getting dark) and took a picture of an old cathedral with heavy French architecture (don’t ask me what is the name of the cathedral) and then the National post office which for me quite impressive.
That’s all. But yeah, I’ll come back again to Saigon soon to do a little be more touristy stuffs and then heading to Mekong Delta. Maybe.
However, this is my summary on HCMC @ Saigon.
The most popular transportation – Motorcycle.
The most popular soupy food – Pho Bo/Ga (Soup noodles beef or chicken) or Banh Mi (baguette with egg, meat & vegetables)
The most popular dry food – Bun Cha
The most popular fast food – I don’t know. KFC? Burger King? Lotteria? Oh, they have only 1 Starbucks and it is not even popular. Good.
The most popular street – Bui Vien
The most popular beer – Bia Hoi at 7,000VND per glass. Which taste pretty shit if its getting warm.
The most popular drinks – Coffee & Green Tea
The most popular meat – Pork. Pork everywhere!
The most uncomfortable – Sitting on kiddies’ chairs for hours to eat/drink.
The most favorite pastime – People watching on Bui Vien street.
The most confusing – The Vietnamese Dong. You are millionaire if you have just USD$50
The most crazy – The fucking traffic. OMG!
The most I-have-To-Be-Careful – The fucking traffic. OMG!
The most scary – The fucking traffic. OMG!
The most unpredictable – The fucking traffic. OMG!
The most nightmare – The fucking traffic. OMG!
Although this place is crazy but it successfully sucked me in! LOL!

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