Melaka, Malaysia : UNESCO Heritage City

Melaka @ Malacca “the historic state” is the third smallest state in Peninsular Malaysia located next to the Strait of Malacca (Selat Melaka). Just 2 hours bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. This historical city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7th July 2008.
Malacca, is heavy influence by it then colony back in 16th, 17th century – the Portuguese; also the Chinese. And well-known for its Baba-Nyonya people. However, Malay still make quite a large population in Malacca. The Chinese people in Malacca especially from the Baba-Nyonya background speaks perfect 10/10 Malay language without any Chinese accent.
Lots of place to visit in this tiny city such as A’Famosa, Jonker Walk, St.John’s Fort, Melaka River Cruise, Portuguese Square, Taming Sari Tower, Stadthuys, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum (if you are museum person), Fredrick Hendrick Bastion Archaeological Excavation Site, Bastion Middleburg, Kampung Hulu’s Mosque, Mini Malaysia & Mini ASEAN Park, and maybe shopping malls?
While in Malacca, I stay at the Roof Top Guesthouse. RM25 per night in a 4-beds dormitory. All single beds, no bunk beds. With a/c and quite big wardrobe cabinet, too. The owners of the guesthouse, a local couple were really friendly, helpful and informative. The wife will bake a pastry (roll bun or cake) at night for the guests’ breakfast the next morning. How awesome is that, eh?
I also hang out with the Couchsurfing Malaysia community in Malacca whereby they have their own “port” in the middle of the Chinatown called Zero Art Gallery.

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