Vang Vieng, Laos : In The Tubing

This is my tubing experience in late August 2012, before all the madness shut down by the government of Laos.

Craziness everywhere in Vang Vieng, Laos. And I regard myself as “the last generation of tubing” as I was there for 2 weeks until the government chased me/us out from Vang Vieng and shut down the tubing activities and cleaned up the crazy riverside bars and some were torched down in order to combat the illegal drugs – all sort of drugs including organic, lethal alcohols and crazy backpackers that rape Vang Vieng culture.
I’d understand the government’s move especially when many foreign country especially Australia demand explanation when too many death involve its citizens. Blame the drugs and alcohol, eh? Why not blaming for me/us being stupid and not using the BRAIN? Oh well…
I heard after few months, the tubing activities re-open but no more crazy riverside bars but people still get drunk somehow!

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