Traveling Crush

So I met this guy in Bangkok, Thailand. We took the same bus (mini van) off to Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is pretty much a good looking dude but I didn’t talk to him as he travel together with his very pretty girlfriend. I sat right behind them and had to bear 6 hours (or so) eye-sore as they kept “making out” in that mini van. I only talked to both of them and other passengers when we stopped near the border for toilet-break and filling up visa for Cambodia.
Oh, he is oh-so handsome, cute, gorgeous… you name it. But he is taken. Well, even if he is single, what is the chances of me to get him? Zero. So, I’d only dream! LOL!
Journey continued. I lose him, his gf, Selina the Spanish girl who sat next to me in the bus, and other two passengers at the border of Thailand-Cambodia as they went to separate gate. 😦 From the border, after my passport stamped, I jumped in to the bus taking me to the bus station whereby I had to change to another bus in order to reach to Siem Reap. Alone.
I was so fucking happy when I met him again (and his gf, and Selina…too) at the bus station. And he actually saved me from being ripped off by a scammer, a so-called tourist guide.  So four of us took the same bus to Siem Reap. Another 5 hours! Again, silent. I only talked to Selina once in a while as she sat next to me. After reached Siem Reap, he and his gf when off to different way in different tuk-tuk. Me and Selina shared a same tuk-tuk heading to Garden Village Guesthouse. Since then, I thought that I will never see him again.
The sun already down the time we reached the guesthouse. So nothing much to do, just chillex in a guesthouse. The next day, I went to visit floating village which is pretty much a let-down. Expensive and not worth a single penny. At night, I went out with a CSer Sandra and Vincent for a dinner and then to the Angkor What?! bar. We met another CSer Sajit and other random people. Guess what? I met him again!!! Oh, of course with the gf.😛 But it was just a brief hi-and-bye. Then we all moved to opposite bar – Temple Bar.
In Temple Bar, I met a guy who shared the same dorm room with me – Jamie from London. Oh yeah… Jamie is quiet a good looking chap as well but he is a little bit too pretty. Hahaha!!! While having a good time with them, dancing and drinking… Suddenly, BAM! I saw him again! And this time, ALONE. No gf tagged around. He came straight to me with a smile and told me “I just broke up with my gf! Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla….” I didn’t know how to react. Should I be happy or should I just take advantage? LOL! Oh, then he told me that his name is Louit, Louie, Louite or whatever but people called him Louis. He is from London. I got 2 Londoners with me!
So yeah… we danced, we had shot after shot until only left 3 of us. I lose Sandra, Vincet, Sajit and others. 3 of us pretty much smashed, hammered, shit faced, wasted… whatever you wanna call it. But we still wanna have fun and we went to this HipHop Club. We KISSED in that dodgy club! Almost 5 am, we took a tuk-tuk to my place. Both Jamie and Louis couldn’t think straight and not remember where they stay. I couldn’t bring back them or one of them to my room as I stayed in a dorm room. So I get a tuk-tuk driver to sent both of them to their own place… and that was it. The end of the fun night and I never seen him again after that and I moved to Sihanoukville, Cambodia 2 days after that.
I actually kindda fall into him since I saw him in Bangkok. I don’t know why but I really am. And that night in Siem Reap with him (and Jamie, of course) was a good one and will stay as part of good memory in my life. It is actually kind of heartache that making me nuts because after more than 2/3 weeks, I still thinking of him and I really hope that I will meet him again someday, somewhere, somehow… Alone, for sure.
This is what gonna happen when you never bother to get one’s contact number or facebook or email when you know that you gonna go apart. And this is what happened to me. Sad. And since I don’t really know his name or any other bit information about him, google does not helping me at all 😦

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