Train Ride : Vang Vieng to Bangkok, again…

Going back to Bangkok after spent time in Laos with disable person (he injured himself, dislocated his knee in Vang Vieng) – Jimmy. Lucky the journey back by train from Vientiane to Bangkok didn’t took so long like previous journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. All good. Was good.
We went back together with 5 other English boys but they took a bus not a train with me and Jimmy. We were staying at the same place (hostel) in Vang Vieng, Easy Go Backpackers Hostel, and became friends in instant. And we stayed in a same guesthouse – Rainbow Guesthouse – around Khao San Road area. Took 4 room for 7 of us; I shared a room with Phillips. I was hoping it gonna be with Alexander! Hahaha!
Had fun with them in Bangkok. Went to The Club Khao San, boozed, ate, slept, wandered around together was so much fun with bunch of hot boys. Everyone was looking at me like I am their mama-san. LOL!

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