Sihnoukville, Cambodia : Party Mode ON

Yeap. Sihanoukville once again. I love this beach town of Cambodia due to its positive vibe for partying.
Stay at backpackers’ shit hole called Utopia for USD1 per night, what to expect? Yeah, shit hole. LOL! But what to complaint when you pay that little? Just, I was sexually harassed by one of the resident staffs and when I complaint to the all-the-time-stoned owner, all he said is “Oh! I thought single lady backpackers who stay in a dorm like that?” HUH! I gave them a bad review in tripadvisor, and he replied that I was bitter because he didn’t give me a job. WTF?
Other than that, I had so much fun in Sihanoukville. Meet lots of new people. The English season still “in” during that time so yeah, of course loads of Eglish people. And one of them looks a lil bit like Tom Cruise when he was young. Awww!
I also celebrate my birthday’s eve partying with bunch of people from my dorm @ Serendipity Beach. As usual, got cheap drunk in Utopia before jumped from one bar to another with free drinks (bucket, booze, shooter). LOL!
I definitely coming back again Sihanoukville!!! (Oh my, what have I become?)

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