Phnom Penh, Cambodia : S21 & The Killing Field

When I was kid, I always heard about Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot from a conversation between adults around me. And when I was teenager, I was like “why?!” when they discovered the massive grave a.k.a Killing Field (it was on news, all over the places!).
So having a chance to visit the creepy S21 Prison and also The Killing Field, I not gonna miss it. I went there and I immediately had these mix feelings. Sad, angry, mad, curious, confuse… all of them. The more I look around and study those pictures and places and listening to the audio tour, the more I felt “urghhh!!!”. I am not kindda person that cry easily but not that time around. I cried and I don’t care.
After S21 Prison and The Killing Field, the tuktuk driver wanna bring me to the firing range and I was like “are you nuts?”. Hah!

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