Pattaya, Thailand : What Kind Of Place Is This?

I went to Pattaya and couchsurfed at Eva’s place. I knew her back in December 2011 @ Langkawi Island, Malaysia. She is an Italian, working as an English teacher in the prestige private school – The Regent – in Pattaya, Thailand. I spent 5 nights at her place.
Pattaya is a nice place but the famous Walking Street ruined it all. It put Pattaya as the Sin City of The World. The lowest of the lowest on earth, in my personal opinion.
Never in my live I’ve been to a place where the whole stretch of street, left and right, full of prostitutes of all kinds (young, old, female, ladyboy, gay) parade on the street side, outside and inside the clubs/bars/shop. That’s what Pattaya well-known for – Sex Tourism.
And loads of horny westerners, mainly old man that hunger for love (but quite lots of young backpackers too!) looking for suitable girl for them to wham-bam. Sad sight. Ugly side too when you see quite good looking young lady prostitute with 60-70 years old dirty-old-man. Made me feel like wanna throw up. Interesting too when there are actually a brothel for European prostitutes – probably to fulfill the market for Asian men who have no chance to taste white blond girls. *facepalm*

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