Chiang Mai, Thailand : Kick Ass Few Night

After long hours train ride and walking under nasty sun looking for a hostel recommended by few backpacker friends, I finally arrived at A Little Bird Backpackers’ Hostel – 100THB per night for a mix dorm and quite lively common area where everybody socialize and share tips/stories.


Met lots of amazing people, English mainly – probably it was an “English Season” that moment. But hey, I am not complaining. We eat together, we out to the ladyboys cabaret show at night market together, we hang out by the canals together. Nice.


And I got kicked out from the hostel on my 3rd day there (initial plan to stay in Chiang Mai at least 5 nights) together with just-arrived Pablo from Spain because we smoked weed and make quite a noise right at the common area, near reception during day time. Not even 12 noon! Hahaha… But not a big issue for me as LAOS next!!!
I’ll come back soon. Hope so. 2 nights in Chiang Mai was not enough. Was my fault tho to let myself got kicked out from the hostel. LOL! I missed lots of great stuffs, great activities, great bargains in Chiang Mai and also Pai. Next time, I’ll make sure I will drop by to Sukothai before Chiang Mai and Pai.
Thanks peeps for the tips advised. Cheers!

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