Battambang, Cambodia : The”Real” Khmer?

Me and Marc decided to go to Battambang, the second most populous province in Cambodia yet not that touristy. You can count how many tourist there in Battambang!
Of course we met some other people since we were traveling together and stay in a small guesthouse – Tomato Guesthouse, USD2 per night.
We experienced flash flood, catching snakes on flooded street (Marc, you are crazy!) and hang out with the locals, too. We went to Phnom Sampeau where the Bat Cave and Killing Cave located. We went to the New Market for a fresh paper-rice spring rolls that super cheap and yummy. Went to what other people called as tourist trap – the bamboo train – but we liked it. We did lots of stuffs in Battambang. And I volunteered as an English Teacher (although my English kindda choppy! LOL!) outskirt of Battambang.
Overall, Battambang might not be a party town like Siem Reap or Sihanoukville but if you wanna experience the real Cambodia, I strongly suggest you to spend at least 3 nights there. Mix with the locals and do not just sit in your bed! Haha!

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