Battambang, Cambodia : Phnom Sampeau

Together with Marc and Pablo (he is the guy that got kicked out from Chiang Mai’s A Little Bird Hostel with me. LOL!) we went to Phnom Sampeau to witness the Killing Cave from the Khmer Rouge era. It wasn’t an easy task for me as we have to walked up the steep hill about 1.5km.
First we came to the temple which Pol Pot used to use it as prison before brought up those unfortunate “prisoners” to the Killing Cave and pushed them to death. Then we off to the Killing Cave itself. There are 2 caves. 1 for babies/kids and 1 for the adults. The one for the babies/kids is about 20m deep. The Khmer Rouge army will threw those poor babies/kids from the mouth of the cave without mercy just like that. And the one for the adults is about 20-50m deep with sharp rock in the bottom. The cold-hearted army will threw the prisoners down there, hit the hard sharp rock and leave them to die 😦
When we were there, we also witness skulls and bones in a glass cabinet. Some of them still attached clothes and bit of dry flesh. Our tour guide told us during rainy day, the area where the body of the prisoner thrown can get pretty smelly and creepy. Lucky we were there when it was hot and sunny day.
After that, we walk up again to witness a very beautiful scenery of paddy fields from the top and visit a temple. Marc and Pablo had a good time talked to the monk.

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