Bangkok & Hua Hin, Thailand : Travel With John

After more than a month talking to each other about meeting up again finally we met each other again @ BKK Airport and then stay together @ Lucky Guesthouse near to Khao San Road just for 490THB per night. Queen bed, with windows, attached bathroom, hot shower, towels, blanket and nice linen. Oh, and TV too.
4 nights before that, I shared a room with Tara (I first met her when I first came to Bangkok 3 months ago) in Budget Guesthouse exactly in Khao San Road; until the day she left to India and John arrived, me and John moved to Lucky Guesthouse and spent number of nights together.
This time around, no more sight seeing. Too lazy for that. Enough of temples. Tired of it. But never tired for party. LOL! We went partying 3 nights in a row. Crazy!!! And our favourite rave scene is The Club on Khao San Road. Of course there are lots of other clubs in Bangkok but The Club is just a walking distance, so why not?
Oh, I went to Siam Paragon cinema to watch Loopers staring Gordon Joseph-Levitt and Bruce Willis and I was baffled when people actually need to stand up to Thailand’s national anthem (even you are not local) few minutes before the movie started. That was new to me!
After Bangkok, we moved down south to Hua Hin.
Hua Hin is just 3 hours bus ride down south from Bangkok. Went there with John Joyce and we stayed at Mamas Guesthouse. Awesome guesthouse I must say. 700THB per night for king-sized bed, a/c, wardrobe cabinet, balcony with table and chairs, television, 2+3 sofa, side lamps, fridge, modern toilet and… JACUZZI! Yeap, you read me right – JACUZZI!
After months in SEAsia, for the first time, in Hua Hin, I managed to get my Swedish Meatballs fix from a Swedish restaurant called “Swedish Restaurant”. It was so good, a real Swedish meatballs with creamy mashed potato. Love it! I look like a drug addict that just got her cocaine fix. LOL!
Anyway, Hua Hin is the oldest and most traditional Thai resort combines the attractions of a modern holiday destination with the charm and fascination of a still active fishing port and its great 5 mile long beach.
But, John always left me alone at night to hang out with, errr… you know… those “girls”. Whatever.

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