Work Exchange in Sihanoukville

So… I really wanted to stay longer in Sihanoukville although it was pretty quiet due to rainy season. I love that place, Mushroom Point in particular and it’s people that team-up like one not-so-big family. Speedy, Emanuelle, Cassie, Matthew… The bosses – Irena, Manz and Roman… And also the locals, too.
I work as a guess-chef and 3 of my special-created menu is in their menu list:-
1) Wasabi & Mushroom Fettuccine Carbonara with Seaweed.
2) Beer Chicken/Beef/Prawn Tempura with Creamy Curry Sauce and Long Beans.
3) Saute Kampot Pepper with Chicken/Beef/Prawn.

Well, I didn’t get any payment here. I just worked in exchange of free accommodation, free drinks & food and free nice away-from-business environment. Love it!


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