Train Ride : Bangkok To Chiang Mai

7.35pm – 2.30pm. Yeap, fucking 17 hours train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It suppose to be 10-12 hours but don’t know what went wrong, the train was so slow and stopped at some spot for pretty long period. Grrr…
But I am not complaining. I got myself placed in “party cabin” with bunch of backpackers including a family from Australia which really cool although they were not so young and traveling with 15 years old son.
Food in the train was pretty shitty and not worth the price but hey, I was in moving train! But those staffs in the train was pretty efficient and know how to create a big whole in my/our wallets. LOL!
The “bed” quiet comfortable enough but expect no space to rollin’ your body as it pretty small, and if you are above 5’10” tall, you gonna have a lil’ bit of trouble to put either your head or your legs. Hahaha!
I paid 850THB for a second class sleeper train, lower bunk. Quiet pricey for me. I should’ve take train.

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