Real Story : Steve, Are You OK?

Steve. A dude form the UK, 30 years old. He is good looking, clean, kindda metrosexual guy with boyish face that I met when I was on my working-holiday in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. But he has shitty personality, at least in my eyes. He barely talk to me when I was there and he was one of our guests. We only did when he was drunk, when he did not realize that how fat and ugly I am, anymore. But no sex because just like many other English guys (sorry for the stereotype), he go for prostitutes. I am not generalizing all English dudes here but based from my experience while I’m traveling, most of them are. So don’t be mad at me.
When I left Sihanoukville because my visa for Cambodia expiring, I never really thought that I gonna meet him again. I did not wish to meet him either. But it was not the case. A month or so after that, when I got back from Laos to Bangkok, we bumped into each other in a guesthouse where I stayed. He stayed there too. Different floor. I was so shocked when I met him again. He was totally different compare to when I first met him in Sihanoukville. In Bangkok, he was like… errr… shabby. In mess. No longer that good looking, clean, metrosexual boyish face. Then he invited me to go for a tea with him downstairs.
We chatted, although I felt a lil’ bit uncomfortable to be around him because he never been nice to me back then. But because I was so curios on what happened to him that turned him into a mess, I stay. I asked. Long paused. And when he lifted his face, I saw tears in his eyes. OMG.
“I was in Siem Reap. I was pretty wasted. I took back a prostitute with me. You know me, not gonna be a surprise for you. Well, she is pretty tho. When I wake up in the morning, she wasn’t there anymore. My money in wallet gone, my mobile gone and I got this note…” he handed me a crumpled note to me that he kept in his pocket.
Thank you for a wonderful sex, and the money. FYI, I got AIDS
I was totally gobsmacked. I looked at him, he’s crying. I asked him if he wear any condom or not? Then he told me, he did not remember any and he tried to search for any used condom around inside the room, the rubish bin, everywhere… he couldn’t find any. Error 404 condom unfound. Geez… I asked him to go for medical check-up, he did. “Well, at time being, negative. But not being to sure because the doctor told me to wait for 6 months to see if any virus develops or not?”.
“Hahaha! So no sex for 6 months eh?” I tried to crack a joke. But then I realize it was a bad joke. In deed. It was not funny at all. Steve still look very sad, teary eyes, numb, stiff, sombre… whatever words I may describe him. Paid for a bill, I asked him if he want to go for a walk to Khao San Road or anywhere, nah… he just want to go back to his room; so I accompanied him.
Sat by the side of the bed, I let him hug me and cried and until he fall asleep. Then I went off quietly. The next morning when I tried to find him, he was no longer there and I’m off to Pattaya.
I hope Steve is alright. I hope he will be strong. I hope he will not do anything stupid. I hope he is HIV/AIDS/STDs negative. I hope he learn his lessons.
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