Cambodia : Sihanoukville

From Phnom Penh – 6 hours, by bus. Get ready for most dramatic and annoying Khmer-styled karaoke in the not-so-comfy bus. Or, get ready for 1984’s Rambo movie dubbed in Khmer language. LOL! Well, you know what to do here! Get your iPod or any MP3 player fully charged or just pop-in a vallium. Done.


From the bus station to Serendipity Beach, don’t pay more than USD2 per person, by tuk-tuk, if you are sharing. Or nothing more than USD4 if you are alone. From the bus station to Otres Beach, pay nothing more than USD4 if you are sharing a tuk-tuk or if you are alone, insist just USD6. From Otres Beach to Serendipity Beach or the other way around, by moto-taxi, just USD2 one way. If take a tuktuk, if you are sharing, USD3-4 per person or USD 6-8 if you are alone. Heh! Gotta haggling sometimes 😛
Sihanoukville has nothing much to offer, in my personal opinion. But if you like adventurous stuffs like dirt-bike expedition or kite-gliding, well, Sihanoukville not gonna disappoint you. Not much of touristy sight-seeing spots tho.
Or prolly you can be like me. Cheap drunk. Just go to Utopia (another backpackers’ shit hole) during the happy hour (9pm-10pm) and get Angkor Beer for just USD25cents per cup. Not bad. And then run down to Serenity Beach and collect as many free-booze flyers as possible and jump from one bar to another, show those flyers and get your either free beer or free bucket or free shot! LOL!
Oh, I got my 7th tattoo here, few days before I left Sihanoukville. It’s written as “I rather be hated for who I am than loved for I am not ~ Kurt Cobain”. And I wasn’t drunk.

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