Bangkok, Thailand : The 2nd Time

The last time I was in Bangkok (see my 1st post), I never go for any touristy place or just plain sight-seeing. I just went out and smashed. So this time around, after out from Cambodia, I forced myself to go around. Walking. No taxi, no bus, no tuktuk.
And yeah, I did go to The Royal Palace but since I refuse to pay 400THB for the entrance to the inside of the palace, I just hang outside. I refused to let the king getting richer by 400THB from me. LOL!
This time around also I met Ali (an English guy), my dorm-mate, my drinking-buddy and my anger-vending-machine when I first time came to Bangkok. He cut his hair and look way much better. I almost fell in love. No! Hahaha… And, I also met 4 Canadian dudes – Tobi, Brian, Chris & Garnet. I met them months ago in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
Also,  I went for sight seeing in Bangkok. To the temples, malls, touristy place and park. It was a day before the Queen’s birthday and they (they town council(?) people) put up these 4 errr… I don’t know what it is on the park.
I asked them what is those thing? Angel? Cupid? Statue?
Answer: “I have no idea. Sorry!” I asked them again what it got to do with the Queen’s birthday? Answer: “I have no idea. Sorry!”.
Guess, I also have no idea why the hell am I took the picture of these non-living creature. Sorry!

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