Siem Reap, Cambodia : Tomb Raider

So… Angkor Wat. Magnificent ancient city of Angkor Wat. Younger generations knew it because of Lara Croft. No, Tomb Raider… yeah, big boobs Lara Croft played by now-no-boobs Angelina Jolie. WTF am I talking about?! LOL!
So, you can buy 1 or 2 or 3 days pass to visit the Angkor Wat. USD20 for 1 day, USD40 for 2 days and USD60 for 3 days. Up to you. If you like to spend your 3 days of traveling studying stones and carvings, well, maybe that USD60 is nothing for you.
Most of us came to Angkor Wat to take beautiful pictures of those temples especially during sunset and sunrise. Sunrise is much more popular compare to sunset, as far as I know.
Wanna some tips? Go and get your 1 day pass a day before, in the evening when almost sunset so you can use the ticket to witness the beautiful sunset in Angkor Wat and they ticket inspector wont “punch” your ticket as it is for tomorrow and they know you wont spend much time in there after sunset because it gonna be real dark. So… you can go to Pub Street and get drunk and come back with the same ticket the next morning as early as 4.30am to witness the amazing, beautiful, gorgeous sunrise. Trust me, even you are drunk, once you see the beautiful view, you’ll be sober. And then you can go around the Angkor Wat as long as you want. 🙂
As for tuk-tuk, they charge me USD15 per person. They said if 2 person, they gonna charge USD10 per person. Fair enough for me. And they will wait for you. If you take forever to do your Angkor Wat tour, trust me, they will wait for you forever too. LOL!

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