Stereotype of Couchsurfer(s)

Host & Surfer : The enthusiastic
I would say, not many of this type anymore. What I mean by the enthusiastic hostess or surfers are those who really take couchsurfing culture seriously. The hostess will give all they possibly could i.e good accommodation, proper meals, bring their surfers around, introduce the local culture and customs, make sure their surfers are alright and happy, and… spend as much time as possible with their surfers. Meanwhile the surfers will do something that will please their host such as make their own bed, not making any mess, do their own dishes, cook for their host, help to clean the house as well, show their interests in learning the culture and customs introduce to them, follow all the rules set up by the host so they wont piss their host in any ways.
Host & Surfer: The stamps collector
A pretty obvious category, yes? The host only host surfers from the country that has yet to be pin on the map; same goes to the surfers, will try to get at least 1 “stamp” in every country visited. I have met coursurfers like this but not much. Probably this is just the minority that supposed to be in the stereotype list?
Host & Surfer: I want a companion
Some people, regardless hostess or surfers, they live quiet life, not much of social life revolving around them. Or should I say they don’t really have many friends? So they (hostess) they open their door to strangers (surfers) so they don’t feel that lonely, they have someone to talk to, someone to eat with, someone to go around and do other activities together. Maybe? Or the surfers who unable to adapt to a chaotic hostel life where lots of backpackers come and go, different behaviours,  different interests and such; but also at the same time just don’t want to be lonely staying in a private room so they go for couchsurfing whereby they can be alone at time and have a companion at the same time.
Host & Surfer : Sexual “predator”
This category is not “specially dedicated to” just male but also female. Feminazis shall just stop arguing shit about this because there are female sexual predator out there, for sure. And for both hostess and surfers. One of the easy “sign” that the person is a “predator” (well, sorry for the generalization here) is when they have preference gender to host or to surf with. There’s no visible indicator that they are a predator because most of them just like any other couchsufers – friendly, informative, knowledgeable and stuffs like that but once they are alone with their host or surfer, ugly things happens. Many of sexual assaults cases just left like that, silent… because the victim(s) believe part of the unfortunate event (or should I say rape?) happened because of their fault – that they “opened the door” for it.
Surfer: The bed-surfer
Well, every person have their sexual needs and we all know that. But treating like a dating website or shagging applications is just wrong. That is not what couchsurfing all about. It is not the real culture or just not a culture of coucsurfing. But thing has changed since few years ago. Lots of people nowadays did that. They looking for a “couch” but ended up in bed with their host or surfer if the chemistry is there, else will just ended up a normal couchsurfing. This is not close to sexual assault or predator looking for a prey because these people believe sex between them is base on mutual agreement. Hey, it takes two to tango!
Host: The “I’m-the-boss”
“You have to wake up at 7am, we are going to the market!”
“I said you’re not going out tonight, you’re not going.”
“I don’t care that if you’re not well, you have to come with me!”
“Clean the toilet, the kitchen. Make sure it spotless.”
Many example of bossy hostess that treat their surfer like, well, I don’t know the word how to describe it. They are just plain bossy and like to bossing around and want their surfer to follow whatever they say, order and/or want. Mainly with house chores, I would say. I don’t know why these kind of people host people in a first place? Free labour probably? Tsk!
Surfer: The annoying bastard
These category represents many of couchsurfers I must say. I would say they are the messy surfers, the dirty sufers. Also surfers that expect their host to be their tour guide. The surfers that come back home in the middle of the night drunk (without their host), knocking the door like mad and throw up everywhere. The surfers that make a lot of noise to the point got the neighbours irritate. The surfers that cook and eat and never know how to clean the kitchen and wash their own dishes. The surfers that the host need to tell them to take a shower as their body stinks for not taking a shower for days! Well, the lists will keep on and on and on. Too many, just too many of them.
Host: The money sucker
The hostess that expect you to buy the whole groceries when go for groceries shopping. The hostess that expect you to pay their meals all the time. Even worst that me myself already met a host that expect you to pay them money for your stays. I mean he asked for it, not just giving a hint “request” for a bit of token of appreciation . Jeez… not only me, but I met few others that bumped into these kind of host. Also the host that want you to take a tour with him/her and later expect the surfers to pay for their part as well. Hostess, please… the reason why they, the surfers, go for couchsurfing rather than stay in a hostel/guesthouse/hotel is because they want to save some money and stretch some cash so they could travel longer (beside learning the local culture and customs, etc). Don’t do this to the surfers. Go dutch if you must.
Surfer: The cheapskate
Hahaha… how does it feel when someone, a stranger that you welcome into your house just finished up stuffs in your fridge and never even bother to replenish it? Or use up your washing detergent for clothes and never even bother to replace it again? Or drink all the alcohol that you have in your fridge and never even care to replenish it again? I will definitely be mad no matter if he or she ask for permission. That never mean to let you, the surfers, to finished up their stuffs! Please use some portion of your brain, please…
**General ethics for hostess, if you bring your surfers for food, please do not bring them to an expensive restaurant. And you surfers, have a bit of courtesy to pay/buy your host a dinner or lunch. Be a good couchsurfing members! =)

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