Siem Reap, Cambodia : Angkor What?!

First time in Siem Reap, Cambodia 2012.
Siem Reap experience was awesome. From crossing the border (shit experience, actually) to party like there’s no tomorrow at Pub Street.
Currency was pretty confusing. It was 4000KHR = USD1. Don’t be surprise for mix currency when you get your change as there’s no coins in Cambodia.
USD50cents of local beer – Angkor Beer every day & night long. Food around USD1.50 to USD8.00 from the street peddler to normal restaurant to fancy cafe. Depends on what you want and your budget.
When I was there, I like to go to Khmer Kitchen for so-called authentic Khmer-styled BBQ. Then hopped to Angkor What?!!! bar or The Temple Bar. Only once went to Hip Hop Bar which pretty dodgy. Mehhh…
Staying in 6-beds a/c dormitory with hot-shower @ Garden Village Guesthouse for USD4 per night. They have USD1 Khmer-styled dormitory but mehhh… I still need a little comfy.

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