Bangkok, Thailand : The Hangover

First time in Bangkok, Thailand in 2012.
So, 4 nights in Bangkok, in famous backpackers’ shit hole – Khao San Road, during rainy season… what to expect? Nothing. No sight seeing as I always woke up pretty late due to massive hangover every single day. So yeah, 4 nights in Bangkok for me pretty much revolved around food and booze and cheapskate shopping! Hah!
From street-food to fancy restaurant. Price range starts from 30THB to 350THB (and even more sometimes). For booze, I rather get cheap-drunk from 7-Eleven, like 80THB for 2 bottle or large Chang than spending 160THB for 1 bottle of large Chang in a bar. Cheapskate? Pretty much. What do you expect? I was on tight budget!
Oh! 7-Eleven in Thailand are super awesome. Don’t forget to get a cheese & ham toasties for just fuckin’ 27THB. That little sandwich is addictive. I warned you.
Stayed at Rainbow Guesthouse, just 50meters from Khao San Road junction. 200THB per night for 6/8/10 beds dormitory. Don’t expect luxury. It was really basic when I was there but one thing for sure, they have strong WiFi at every single floor. Good enough, eh?

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